66X is available on Bandcamp <視聴・ダウンロード

hip-hop **
alternative ****

dark ***

chill ****

themes reflective

english ****

japanese * tracks 3, 7

sound *** iPhone 5s

beats online

All  vocals recorded and mixed on an iPhone 5s, in my bedroom, using GarageBand. 
All beats used for non-profit use.

6th Album  Oct 2014

66X lyrics

1. know so (PussyTrack)
2. stars and beyond (TeiMoney)
*3. fumes (iRS)
4. the curse (Miguel B)
5. one two one two (DJ Whitesmith)
6. nothin we can do (PussyTrack)
**7. sucker's ball (PussyTrack)
8. lov wrestlin (OmitoBeats)
9. letting go (Cripla)
10. lonely train (Cripla)

all songs in English, except *bilingual **japanese