BITTERSWEET is available on Bandcamp < 視聴・ダウンロード

hip-hop ***
alternative ***

dark *****

chill **

themes heartbreak, depression

english ****

japanese *** tracks 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 13

sound *** iPhone 3G, Fostex VF-80

beats online

Half the vocals were recorded and mixed on an iPhone 3G, in my bedroom, using GarageBand.
The other half were recorded and mixed on on a Fostex VF-80 .
All beats used for non-profit use.

4th album    Oct 2013


1/ a bad boy 

**2/ ai to pride (tony sway)

*3/ alien azyn

4/ bittersweet (serious beats)

*5/ fireworks

6/ home

*7/ konnichiwa bitches (jb the philosophy)

*8/ monster (one tone and vibe beats)

9/ one fire (serious beats)

10/ sandcastles (emomarie)

11/ smoke in mirrors (spaced out kid)

12/ the silence and the sadness

**13/ touch click

14/ we gets high (zone beats)

all songs in english except *bilingual  **japanese   (beats list)